Fuck Yeah Audrey Kawasaki

A tumblr dedicated to the wonderful artist that is Audrey Kawasaki.

**I am NOT Audrey Kawasaki. This is a fan tumblr is run by Valerie**

my My dishonest heart tattoo.

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clearInspired by none other than the lovely Audrey Kawasaki. 

Submitted by http://heartachelixir.tumblr.com/


This took 4/5 hours to do! This was done by my amazingly talented sister, mostly in free-hand. It’s Audrey Kawasaki inspired. I just want to let you guys know that this isn’t a real tattoo, it’s painted by my sister who is an artist. I am going to have a real back piece tattoo in the future, not just yet, I actually have a design ready. Like I said on a previous post, I just need to find a VERY good tattoo artist to capture the emotion in the design. The design by the way is a completely different one from this, although this one is EXTREMELY beautiful it doesn’t mean anything to me. I want all my tattoos in the future to be significant and aren’t just there for the sake of being there you know? 

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